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Bruised and scarred. Frikey. 7
The day moved slowly. Frank being in a majority of my classes really didn't help. He wasn't exactly talking as much as he did yesterday. Which worried me because I couldn't tell if he saw more than he said he did. If that's the case, I don't know what he'll do. If he says anything I'm fucked. Dead even.
The bell for last period rang, thats the only class I don't have with Frank. I slightly looked at him, he looked at me. I faced him as I was getting up to leave and he gave me a sympathetic smile before walking out of the room. I sighed and made my way to last period. When I walked in I immediately put my head down and tried to get some sleep.
I managed to stay asleep with no disruptions until the bell rang to dismiss school. At that point I darted out of the room and weaved through the crowd in a hard effort to make it out to Brandon on time in hopes of a good night. I felt someone tap my shoulder and I spun around wildly to see Frank.
"Yes?" I said a little too cold. I glanced at the
:iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 3 1
Bruised and scarred. Frikey. 6
I was breathing quickly when he grabbed my arms.
"You know Mikey, there's a lot of boys here. You aren't cheating on me are you?" He said.
"No Brandon."
"That's right." He grabbed my face with one of his hands. "And don't talk to that Frank kid. I think he likes you." I nodded. He gave a cheeky smile and roughly embraced me. "Because you're mine." He said, holding too tight.
I took a deep breath and saw Frank. His face lightened and he started walking towards me. I panicked and shook my head slightly with wide eyes trying to tell him no. He stopped and looked confused. I mouthed 'wait' and he got it. He walked over to the bike rack and sat.
"Baby what are you doing?" He pulled me in front of him, holding my wrists far too tight. "My hair was in my eyes." I whispered. "Louder!" He said slapping me.
"My hair was in my eyes!" I said. My eyes searching for anyone who saw. No one. I let out a sigh of relief. I reached a hand up to my face but he pulled it away.
"Okay, I'm leaving." He said.
:iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 4 4
Bruised and scarred. Frikey. 5
"Oh!" He sounded a tad excited.
"What's up?"
He went silent.
" allowed to talk?" He said nervously. I let out a shaky breath. I really shouldn't, he'll kill me if he finds out. But Frank seems so nice. "Y-Yeah, Yeah I can." I said nervously sitting on the bed.
"Okay. Um, was that you earlier? He said you weren't available, but y'know." He said.
"No that wasn't me. I..really couldn't talk."
"He wasn't nice."  He said sounding genuinely hurt. I heard a giggle, and I was convinced it couldn't have been me.
"I know. He's not nice to me either sometimes."
"Really?" My eyes widened. I didn't mean to.
"Um, yeah." I said.
"That's not cool."
"I suppose." I said quietly. Frank sighed and we ended up talking for a long time. I think he even actually made me smile a couple times.
"Can I call you tomorrow?" Frank asked as we were hanging up. It was 11:45pm.
"Uhm, I'm not sure. I think it's safer if I call you." I said.
"What? Safer?" He asked.
"Y-yeah. But I don't know if I can, s
:iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 3 2
Bruised and scarred. Frikey. 4
I woke up in the dark. Brandon was no where around. I sat up and I couldn't breathe right. I felt dirty and my body hurt. I knew he raped me, but I brushed that off. Sick as it sounds, I'm kind of used to it. I looked down at my chest, bruises were forming and there were cuts. Of course,arms, legs, face and neck were all the same. I slid slowly off the bed. I walked to the dresser and grabbed Pajamas and put them on. It hurt really bad. I deserve it though. I fucked up  bad this time. Its times like these where I kind of hate that I was kicked out of my house. My Aunt took me in only to be nice, but she doesn't give a shit about me. So, I've been forced to stay with Brandon a lot. I mean, he takes me to school and feeds me. So it's not that bad. And, I do love him. Well, at least I did at some point. Not that I could leave. He knows everything about me. He'd find me no matter where I went.
I walked downstairs and saw a piece of paper on the counter.
Won't be home till mor
:iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 2 0
MCR by My-Chemical-Day MCR :iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 10 0
Mature content
Stay- Frikey :iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 9 19
Mature content
Bruised and scarred. Frikey. 3 :iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 7 17
Bruised and scarred. Frikey. 2
The truth is, I didn't want anyone to look at me. no one sees me, no one asks questions. Simple. I have scars and marks and bruises that I don't want people to ee. But this, this, Frank kid, he won't let down.
"And you are?" He asked.
"Way! Hood!" The teacher yelled, catching Frank's attention. He turned back to me and I shook my hair into my face and my neck before taking off my ood. It doesn't cover everything. Frank pretends not to notice. He looked at me.
"Mikey." I whispered. He smiled.
"Nice to meet you." I nodded and ket my head down. Frank turned back to the front.
Frank ended up being in a majority of my classes. I did the same thing in every class. Though, he insisted on having my phone number. So, to make him shut up. I gave it to him.
The final bell rang and I ran out of the classroom. If I'm late again he'll kill me.
I had one minute left after dodging people in the hallway. I was going to make it. Frank saw me.
"Mikey!" I stopped he came up to me. "What's up?"
"I-I can't
:iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 5 5
Mature content
Bruised and scarred. Frikey. 1 :iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 6 13
The Silence
"I love you," Frank whispered. "More than anything." He looked up slightly from his feet, the cold air pushed his hair out of his face and brought slight tears to his eyes.
"I don't know why I'm telling you this. It's not like you could ever even like me back." He continued hopelessly.
Frank took a deep breath and shoved his hands into the pockets of his hoodie.
"I just sort of, wanted to finally get it out." He finished, blinking furiously as tear began to trail down his cheeks.
He took two steps forward and looked up to the night sky. Small snowflakes beginning to gently fall from the thin clouds above him. He let out a small cry and quickly brought up a hand to silence it. He inhaled deeply and crossed his arms to hug himself.
"Well, good bye Gerard." He whispered, his voice cracking due to tears lodged in his throat, threatening to erupt any second.
Frank then turned to leave. He walked, crying in silence. The sound of the new snow forming crunched delicately under his feet. No on
:iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 5 15
90. Honey if you stay by My-Chemical-Day 90. Honey if you stay :iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 9 13
Stay - Frerard
"Please." I said softly. Frank shook his head.
"I can't"
"But Frank."
He took a deep breath. "I can't be strong enough for the both of us. What am I supposed to do? You know I love you." He said becoming irritated. I opened my mouth to speak but tears came out.
"Please." i took a deep breath. "Stay." I said, my voice cracking. He shook his head turning to the door. He opened it and paused.
"Please understand if I see you again don't even say hello."  He looked me dead in the eyes and swiftly went trough the door.
"Please!" I said reaching for the door, but crashing to the ground instead. "Stay." I whispered as I cried silently to myself. Everyting hurt. Frank was gone. I don't know why. I stopped everything. I needed him. I cried myself to sleep on the floor and Mikey woke me up. He shook me gently.
"Gerard." I moaned and pushed him away. He roughly picked me up and slapped me hard across the face. I looked at him bewildered. He grabbed my and and pressed a cigarette and a li
:iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 9 22
Lynz way by My-Chemical-Day Lynz way :iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 5 3 Billie joe by My-Chemical-Day Billie joe :iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 7 2 geeee by My-Chemical-Day geeee :iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 6 8 There is no heart by My-Chemical-Day There is no heart :iconmy-chemical-day:My-Chemical-Day 8 15
welcome to the preview of my Gallery :la:
I would really love for you to look at my stuff..

Thank you! :iconluvluvplz:

Random Favourites

I'm Gonna Save You - Frerard 5
"Okay, I'll ask him." Mikey said to the person on the other line of the phone. "Gee, Ray ask if you wanna go for a coffee or something like that, he misses you."
Gerard glared up from his comic and saw his little brother stand at the other end of the couch.
He had pretty much only been outside in their garden or at least very close the house the last month and he was oddly enough fine with that.
Ray was one of his best friends and he hadn't told him about the project with getting sober. His friends had been over a few times, but because it was summer they preferred to be outside, maybe down at the beach or stuff like that.
Gerard smiled at his brother and said he would go if he came too. Mikey nodded and agreed to meet down at the nearest Starbucks with Ray and their friend Bob.
About ten minutes later the brothers left and Gerard smiled when the wind blow his hair out is a giant mess. Normally he would get pissed when it happened, but now he just enjoyed the lovely weather.
Walking in
:iconkilljoyechelon:KilljoyEchelon 19 15
Mature content
I'm Gonna Save You - Frerard 4 :iconkilljoyechelon:KilljoyEchelon 16 26
Mature content
I'm Gonna Save You - Frerard 3 :iconkilljoyechelon:KilljoyEchelon 18 16
Mature content
I'm Gonna Save You - Frerard 2 :iconkilljoyechelon:KilljoyEchelon 19 25
Mature content
I'm Gonna Save You - Frerard 1 :iconkilljoyechelon:KilljoyEchelon 31 34
The Death of a Dream
Frank did not know what had happened; he just heard Gerard scream "No!" at someone or something, and his friend had not come back since. The twelve-year-old wrung his hands nervously; it was getting quite dark and their mothers would not be happy if they went home late again.
Biting his lip, he entered the forest-like group of trees in the middle of the park and began looking for his friend. He hated going into "the woods", as the local kids called this section of the park, but he hated being alone more, so he bravely tried to ignore the fact that the trees (like almost everything and everyone else) loomed over him menacingly.
"Gerard?" he called, his voice breaking a little. He cleared his throat and called again, louder and clearer. A gust of wind brought him back a whispered answer.
"Over here, Frankie," Gerard replied from behind a bush. His voice sounded weak and sad, like he had been crying. Frank followed the other boy's voice.
Gerard was sitting on the muddy ground, not caring
:iconnightshadetears94:NightShadeTears94 11 20
Frerard 3
The Fight of the Cookie
They stared in horror at the man with the fro. "Oh... hi Ray." Gerard said shocked and gently pushed Frank off him. They both stood up and from behind Ray came Bob. He was holding up his camera.
"Oh my... got it on Bobcam!" he said and Ray laughed "Put it on the internet!". Gerard just shrugged "Meh, bound to happen at some point...", Frank still looked a bit startled.
Ray gave Mikey a knowing look and said "Actually we promise not to leak for one condition..."
Gerard cringed "I'm not gonna like this, am I?"
"Probably not. Go ahead, Mikey, tell him." Ray stepped aside so Gerard and Frank could see Mikey clearly.
"You have to give us the cookies and skittles." he spoke. Gerard gave him a wild look and hordes the skittles and cookies, "NEVAR!!!"
Frank sighed "Maybe we should just give them the sweets, Gee.". Gerard looked a bit confused at the smaller male.
"But I thought we wanted the fangirls to see this kind of thing? They're always writing about it anyway." he
:iconkilljoyechelon:KilljoyEchelon 6 6
                                     The Fight of the Cookie
Gerard stood on his tiptoes trying to get the cookie in his little brothers hand. He was only a  bit shorter than Mikey, but it did so he couldn't reach it. A few times he almost got it, but Mikey moved fast.
"It was my cookie!" Gerard shouted and jumped to get it, but Mikey pushed him away. He waved the cookie in front of Gerard and hummed in a teasing way "Cookie."
Frank sat in the couch and watched the brothers with an upgiven look on his face. "Miokay! My cookie!" Gerard demanded, given his brother a glare. " It's my cookie now, sassman!" Mikey laughed and took the cookie close to his lips. Gerard stared at it, "But.. but.. but.." he cried out.
Mikey removed the cookie and looked at his brother with a trollface, but Gerard didn't seem
:iconkilljoyechelon:KilljoyEchelon 12 10
Faint-Ferard 19
Gerard's POV
I automatically felt so bad for myself that I didn't even ask Frankie how he felt about Mikey. I felt like such a douche. "Frank? Babe, where are you?"
" Im in the kitchen!" what the hell was he doing down stairs?
" What are you doing down there?"
" Getting revenge. Why do you ask?" I ran downstairs, what the hell did he mean about 'revenge'?
"What the hell is that frank?"
"Um, it's a Nail-Bat" what the fuck was he planning to do with that bat?
" Frank what are you going to do with that bat?"
" Gee, do you remember when you told me that the lady your dad snuck out with was, a hag named Tess?"
" Yeah, but I don't see…" I stopped my self from saying anymore. I remembered what the text said. The lady that tortured and killed Alicia, her name was Tess. What a coincidence. My dad was doing all of this, or he was getting his 'girlfriend' to do it for him.
" Are you remembering Gee?"
" Yeah, I am. But we have to have a plan frank, I just can't let you le
:iconsora-yuna:Sora-Yuna 5 32
Lights Out by motleyprincess Lights Out :iconmotleyprincess:motleyprincess 45 29 The Man with the plan by RuthieBassTTT The Man with the plan :iconruthiebassttt:RuthieBassTTT 57 12 I've got a bullet proof heart. by RuthieBassTTT I've got a bullet proof heart. :iconruthiebassttt:RuthieBassTTT 97 22
Faint-Ferard 18
Frank's POV
Life. It's still terrible. Gerard has almost completely lost his mind. It's been two days since the death of Michael James Way. The funeral was tomorrow. With every second that passed without Mikey here was hell. Pure hell. Gerard hasn't ate or slept. He's so scared. I guess that's just what love does to you. The body of Alicia Simmons has still yet to be found. And Gee and me are really the only one's who knew what had happened to her. It has been agreed between Gerard's parents and Alicia's parents that the two be buried side by side. Once they find the body, that is.
The priest said "it is to believe that Michael James Way did not commit suicide because he felt great hatred in his life and the things he did everyday. He died because the girl, whom he loved and was going to propose too, had passed, just two days before his alleged death. You'd think by looking at the young man, you'd see just your average 16-y
:iconsora-yuna:Sora-Yuna 5 27
Frerard One Shot
An alarm clock beeps, and the shell of a man rises from a fortress of bedsheets, his lank, long dark hair framing his face.
Well when you go, don't ever think I'll make you try to stay…
He dresses slowly, and stares at the now vacant double bed with the eyes of a dead man, his eyes lingering on the side that hasn't been slept in; it's unruffled pillow a testament to the man's broken heart.
And maybe when you get back, I'll be off to find another way…
He stands in front of a mirror, removing the remains of the eye makeup that shadows his eyes. Those same hazel eyes flicker to the bottle of black eyeliner that remains unused. The cross marking the grave of a lost love.
And after all this time that you still owe…
He remakes the bed, smoothing both sides equally, his eyes stinging with tears that he will not release
You're still a good-for-nothing I don't know…
In the kitchen, the man makes coffee in a chipped and battered Starbucks mug. He c
:iconnininoonoo:nininoonoo 21 11
Gerard Doesn't Follow Jamia. by frerardlove153 Gerard Doesn't Follow Jamia. :iconfrerardlove153:frerardlove153 175 104
I really do love A LOT of the artwork on this crazy sight. I highly suggest you take a look at these and look at these people's artwork. It's really amazing.



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Hello Killjoys!

Name: Shilo, Ronnie.
Nicknames: Tot, Venom, Poison, Dead.
Age: 17 on August 1st.
Favorite Bands: Green Day, MCR, MSI, Mayday Parade, Never Shout Never, We The Kings, Falling In Reverse, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low
Killjoy name: Kerosene Melody.
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so, yeah, thats me. I love to draw and write and play my many instruments.

My favorite song and the LEGIT story to my life in Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day.

My idol since I first saw her is Lindsey Way. it may have something to do with the fact that ever since I was little I've wanted to play the bass.. so ... yeah, plus a lot of other things of course.

My Heroes are Green Day and My Chemical Romance Just, the whole band. Hayler Williams, Lyn-Z way ( a given.), Christofer Drew, And Ronnie Radke.

The best night of my life was 7-3-09 at the Chicago United Center. I saw Green Day.

And then, 4-16-11 at The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids...My Chemical Romance.... It was beautiful. I can't wait to see them again in August.

also, Honda Civic tour, 8-20-11 Tinley Park Chicago. Ive never been more proud to be part of the MCRmy.

I saw Falling In Reverse at Mojoe's, 2-3-12. Dear God, Ronnie Radke.

I Saw Mayday Parade and We The Kings at Mojoes, 2-10-12.

I saw and Met Mayday Parade at Warped2012. Best day.

Homophobia is Gay!((Frank Iero))- I am Rainbow. Im not Bi, and I'm not Gay. Im somewhere in between. So take your Homophobia elsewhere.

[[I'm a female version of Saint Jimmy. With the sass of Whatsername, The anxiety of a Cancer patient, The rebel of Gloria, The silence of a Vampire, and the thrill of a Killjoy.]]

if you don't like me, how i am, or how I do things, don't get to know me.

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║║║║╠╣╠╣ page if you love MCR

In a land of make-believe....
don't get dusted out there!

Keep Shining-
Gerard Way 8.20.11

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Current Residence: somewhere between Murder city and Battery City
Favourite genre of music: Punk
Favourite photographer: Frank Iero
Favourite style of art: Photography, Mix Media
Shell of choice: a Smile
Wallpaper of choice: Something Green Day or MCR
Skin of choice: rascits?
my laptop broke and ive been busy. I'm sorry!

my group. I need SO much help. Im still busy and im borrowing my parents laptop to type this.
please help.

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